The Finnish Institute in Japan is part of the Academic Institutes’ Open Research Data project

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The Finnish Institute in Japan is part of a project of the Finnish Academic Institutes that focuses on the institute’s digital research material and its open sharing.

It is a two-year project (2018-2019) of the Institutes of Athens, Japan, Middle East and Rome. The project is funded partly by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland.

During the project the best ways of digitalization, digital conservation and open distribution of the research material will be surveyed. These will be used for creating fitting principles and operating models for the conservation and distribution of internationally and nationally important research material.

Every Institute realizes a pilot project, where materials and publications of the research projects are digitalized and openly published.

The aim is to stabilize the digital management of the Academic Institutes’ research material according to national and international requirements. The project reinforces the openness and internalisation of the science and research of the Institutes. Other aims are permanent partnerships with national experts, international research institutions and cultural memory organizations, attempting to find a mutual, cross-bordering solution to the digital management of research material and its long-term conservation.

The expected results are:

1. Guidelines for the principles and practices of open sharing of data collection, for research permits and digital management (conservation and use), adapted to the local conditions of the Institutes fields of study.
2. Permanent partnerships for managing and sharing research material with international research institutes and memory organizations.
3. Increase the awareness and effectiveness of the Institutes research, of Finnish research.
4. The institutes’ research becoming a part of international and national research infrastructure.
5. More visibility for the Institutes’ research in Finland and supporting citizen science by improving the accessibility of materials.

The progress is tracked by a steering group formed by a representative from every collaborating Institute and four expert members. The project is managed as a whole by the Finnish Institute in Rome and its sustaining foundation Institutum Romanum Finlandiae.

Members of the steering group:

Tuomas M. S. Lehtonen, Rome
Arja Karivieri, Rome
Paula Havaste, Athens
Vesa Vahtikari, Athens
Patricia Berg, Middle East
Anna-Maria Wiljanen, Japan
Päivi Happonen, The National Archives of Finland
Maria Niku, The Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Jyrki Ilva, The National Library of Finland
Jyrki Hakapää, The Academy of Finland
Laura Nissin, Rome

More information:

Tuomas M. S. Lehtonen, president of the steering group

Laura Nissin, project researcher