Month: February 2021

Mental Health Seminar

Thank you everyone who participated! The lecture slides are available here. Mental Health Seminar  Date: 10th February 2021 4PM-5:30PM (JST)  Platform: Zoom  Organizers: Finnish Institute in Japan, Asahi Travel International Inc. in Japan and Mieli Mental Health Finland 【Programme】 16:00 Opening 16:05 Anna-Maria Wiljanen, Director of Finnish Institute in Japan “Well-being of Women, Well-being for Society” 16:35 Q&A 16:45 Marjo… Read more »

Sensory Art Journey Finland × Japan

Make a connection to Japan through Art. At the moment it is difficult to visit other countries, but art can travel. In this two-part workshop we will communicate cross-culturally through art and sensory experimental program. We are connecting Finland and Japan in a hybrid art workshop, during which we take a walk in the nature,… Read more »

Finnish Visual Arts Lecture Series

Welcome to the fascinating world of Finnish visual arts, artistry and artist lives during the Finnish Golden era (ca 1880-1910)! Slides for past lectures available here: Finnish Institute in Japan will organise a lecture series about the golden era of Finnish visual arts and its most beloved and known artists. Join the lectures in Zoom… Read more »

Finnish Dance Course

The popular Finnish Dance Course is back! Note! The date of the last lesson has been changed! The new date is 2nd of June! The Finnish Institute in Japan will organize another Finnish folk dance course on Wednesdays 28th of April, 12th and 19th of May and 2nd of June 2021 starting at 6pm at… Read more »

Miila Westin: Mythical

Due to the state of emergency, all our exhibitions are temporarily closed. The exhibitions will resume after the state of emergency has ended. Have you heard of Rongoteus or Ägräs? Miila Westin’s exhibition of Finnish mythical beings is part of her Master of Arts thesis in Aalto University. While researching the Finnish ancient religion the… Read more »

Runeberg Torte Recipe

  Ingredients 125 g of unsalted butter 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 dl wheat flour 50 g of almond crumb 1.5 dl breadcrumbs 1.5 dl gingerbread crumbs a teaspoon of ground cardamom 1 egg, 1 dl sugar 1 dl of cream bitter almond oil raspberry jam punch or almond liqueur 1 dl icing sugar 1… Read more »