Tokyo Art & Science Research Residency 2022: Aaro Murphy

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Artist introduction

Portrait photo of Aaro Murphy

Aaro Murphy, is an installation artist working with sound, scent, animation and glass. His work takes form as time based installations and kinetic sculptures, exploring boundaries between the organic and synthetic. A recurring theme in his practice is the ability for machines and complex mechanisms to adopt spatial agency and performative potential – shifting between robotic beings and instruments. Aaro is currently a research fellow at the Studio for Immediate Spaces, Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, researching architectural olfaction and digital scenting systems.

For the past 3 years Aaro has been developing a series of audiolfactory instruments that project sound and smell. A series of custom glass blown flutes with synthetic aromas inside programmed to play autonomously over time. The Tokyo Art & Science Research Residency, is a unique opportunity for Aaro to merge scientific research together with the sculptural installations he makes.


Residency Overview

Aaro Murphy will dedicate his residency to the research of urban scents found in Japan. Setting up a research studio at the Bio-Club Tokyo, Aaro will collect scents from Tokyo during smell walks and site visits. Experimenting with various extraction methods from distillations, macerates to tinctures, the aim is to create a library of materials and smells synonymous with the city. Aaro will simultaneously research Headspace technology and machine olfaction. What interests Aaro in this scent capture technology is its potential for reconstructing spaces virtually through smell.

“I am very excited to be selected for this year’s residency, it is a unique opportunity to dig deeper into my olfactory research and explore the city of Tokyo through smell.”


Photos: Aaro Murphy