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FIJ’s Knitting club (=ompeluseura in Finnish)

The history of “ompeluseura” traces back to more than 100 years ago. These gatherings were opportunities for women to come together to enjoy a cup of coffee while knitting or sewing…and gossiping! In the spring of 2018, the Finnish Institute in Japan brought the tradition to Japan in the form of a monthly Knitting club. The event is sponsored by Novita, whose knitting needles are made from Finnish birch wood and the colours of the yarns are inspired by Finnish nature. The programme of the knitting club follows seasonal themes and each meeting features a presentation on a prominent Finnish woman or a timely cultural tradition.


Event information


*ATTN. Please note that all events are held online until further notice.


Participation fee: No fee, yarns and needles are provided by the institute


Event dates:

Below are the planned event dates for autumn 2023. Please note that the schedule is subject to changes. As of February 2021 we are also arranging special KAL or ‘Knit Along’ -sessions where everyone knits together following the same pattern.

Knitting Clubs at 15:00 –17:00 and Knitting Marathons at 13:00–18:00.

2023 Autumn Knitting Events:

  • September 14th
  • October 19th
  • November 9th
  • December 7th

*All dates may be subject to changes


Registration is needed to join the Knitting club. Please register at

The group is filled in the order of registration. Furthermore, please make sure that you cancel your registration as soon as possible if you cannot join the event.

We do not keep a waiting list. Cancelled seats are made available in Peatix again, so please check the event page if you are waiting for cancellations.


Socks pattern according to Aino Sibelius.

Grandmother’s square blanket instructions

Novita Perenna schawl

Novita Natura sweater

Good to know

First-time participants don’t need to bring anything with them. Those who have participated before should bring the needles and the project they are currently working on.

The Finnish Institute is located within the Embassy of Finland compound, and the gate is locked. There is no waiting area inside, so those arriving early will need to wait outside the gate. In order to avoid congestion near the gate area, please arrive at about 14:55. A staff member will come and guide the participants to the institute. If you arrive late, please let us know via Peatix message or an email to

Come and join the Knitting club – Finnish culture with Finnish materials, and a little bit of gossip!