Roadshow to Japanese Universities

Higher education - Roadshow to Japanese Universities
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The Finnish Institute in Japan facilitates dialogues and mutual collaborations with Japanese universities.  We visit Japanese universities as a part of Roadshow and expand our networks with international offices and departments.  After the Roadshow, we have had varieties of new collaborations such as organizing the internal study in Finland seminars and providing information about Finland. 

Here is the list of universities that the Finnish Institute in Japan visited.

29th May 2019 Tokyo University of the Arts
31st May 2019 Sophia University
31st May 2019 Rikkyo University
5th June 2019 Hosei University
18th November 2019 Tokai University
29th January 2020 Yamamura Gakuen Tanki University
5th October 2020 Meiji University
8th October 2020 Aoyama Gakuin University
15th December 2020 Tsuda Women’s University
17th December 2020 Shibaura Institute of Technology
2nd February 2021 Meiji Gakuin University
10th February 2021 Seijo University
18th February 2021 Musashi University
26th April 2021 Kokugakuin University
20th May 2021 Gakushuin University
12th July 2021 Sangyo Noritsu University
14th July 2021 Tokyo Women’s University
15th July 2021 Tokyo Metropolitan University
4th October 2021 Joshibi University
6th October 2021 Tokyo University of Science
7th December 2021 Kindai University
9th December 2021 Komazawa University
13th December 2021 Kokushikan University
16th December 2021 Ritsumeikan University
24th January 2022 Osaka University
25th January 2022 Kansai University
14th February 2022 Kyoto Women’s University
21st February 2022 Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
1st March 2022 Kyoto University
4th March 2022 Kyoto Institute of Technology
7th March 2022 Kyoto City University of Arts
25th May 2022 Shiga University
31st May 2022 University of Hyogo
13th June 2022 Kobe University
16th June 2022 Osaka Kyoiku University
24th January 2023 Nagoya City University
31st March 2023 Fuji Women’s University
18th April 2023 Nagasaki International University
17th May 2023 Chukyo University
31st August 2023 Tsuru University
12th September 2023 J.F. Oberlin University
19th September 2023 Kanagawa University
7th November 2023 Hirosaki University
21st November 2023 Hokkaido University of Education
5th December 2023 Hokkaido University
8th December 2023 Kobe Design University
12th December 2023 Nihon University
20th February 2024 Muroran Institute of Technology
5th March 2024 Sapporo City University
19th March 2024 Tokiwa University
21st March 2024 Otaru University of Commerce
2nd April 2024 Hokusei Gakuen University
10.4.2024 Tohoku University
30.4.2024 Tohoku University (researcher meeting)
30.4.2024 Yamanashi Prefectural University
14.5.2024 Sapporo University
16.5.2024 Hokkaido Information University
4.6.2024 Kagoshima University


If you have any inquiries about the Roadshow, or any requests for organizing study abroad seminars or events, please contact