Welcome to the Finnish Architecture Seminar online

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Thank you for all the participants! The event was held in Zoom in December 8th 2020.

The Finnish Architecture is well-known throughout the world and the Finnish architects famous for their multifaceted, experimental and innovative design, especially in wooden architecture. How has the Finnish architecture affected the Japanese architecture and vice versa? What are the current trends in Finnish and in Japanese architecture?

This event will now be held only in Zoom, the face-to-face event at the Metsä Pavilion is cancelled.

Join us online to listen to the prominent guest speakers from Finland and Japan!

December 8th, 2020, at 13:00-18:45PM
13:00 Welcoming words – AMW
13:15 Speaker Taishi Watanabe
14:15 Speaker Daishi Sakaguchi
15:15 break
15:30 Speaker Kazunori Yamaguchi
16:30 Speaker Kivi Sotamaa
17:30 Speaker Pekka Helin
18:30 Closing remarks
18:45 Event ends