Demola Webinar organised by FIJ

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Thank you for all the participants! The webinar was held on Thursday 17. June 2021.

Demola WEBINAR organised by FIJ: International foresight projects as a tool to bring students and organizations together to build better future.
Do you want to be part of a team working for a better future globally? Welcome to webinar focusing on Demola’s platform – connecting students and enterprises through innovative collaborations.
One for Humanity program is a high-level initiative established by Demola Global in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. The program is run throughout the year 2021 and explores six selected globally relevant societal themes. We invite universities and z-generation students all over the globe to create impact for better future. Interested? In this webinar you will hear all about the awarded platform and how to join!

Date: Thursday 17th June 2021 17:00-18:30
17:00     Opening words – Dr Anna-Maria Wiljanen, Director of the FInnish Institute in Japan
17:10     Demola in a nutshell – Ville Kairamo, CEO, Demola Global
Demola experiences and Hokkaido University – Itsuro Sugimura, Head of Demola program at the Hokkaido University
One for Humanity program and students’ participation in Demola projects – Jere Wessman, Creative Director, Demola Global
18:00     Q & A
18:30     Closing remarks