Taishi Watanabe exhibition

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You can visit Dr. Taishi Watanabe’s exhibition Unity Architecture in Finland and Japan -3 Projects, 3 Exhibitions, 18 Objects- through this online presentation. The exhibition was held in Tokyo’s Metsä Pavilion in September 2021, but due to the state of emergency could not be opened to public. On the video Dr. Watanabe discusses the exhibition with the director of the Finnish Institute in Japan, Dr. Anna-Maria Wiljanen.

The exhibition is on display in Espoo, Finland, in Aalto University’s Learning Center Lobby Gallery 7.–20.10.2021, and will continue to Germany in 2022.
For more information visit http://www.f.waseda.jp/watanabetaishi/kougei.html.

Video: Akiko Osaki
Photo: Taishi Watanabe