Oona Mäkelä: Same Same but Different

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Exhibition: Feb 9 (Thu) – Feb 13 (Mon) 1-7pm
Venue: Almost Perfect, 2-3-2 Kojima, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Opening Talk Session with Anna-Maria Wiljanen, the director at the Finnish Institute in Japan: Feb 9 (Thu) 6-9pm
Please register for the talk event via Peatix.

A casual party on Feb 11 (Sat) 5-7pm with drinks served.
Please come visit to see her works.

Exhibition Same Same but Different is a collection of illustrations, prints and small clay creatures. The exhibition is about the things we can all find joy from despite of our background – in this case nature and dogs.I wanted to focus on similarities between Finland and Japan instead of the differences. Even though as an outsider I will always be seeing a lot of difference I noticed I was still attracted to the same things as in Finland. Things here might just have a little bit different shape but in the end they are the same.

Oona Mäkelä is a Finnish graphic designer, illustrator and print designer represented by Napa Agency. She’s attracted to fascinating color combinations and shapes. She aims to create work that is easy on the eyes and has something humorous to it. She is inspired by everyday life and badly behaved dogs.


Photos: Oona Mäkelä