Intimate Entanglements: Contemporary Finnish Fashion

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The exhibition Intimate Entanglements: Contemporary Finnish Fashion situates at the intersection of novel politicization and digital disruption of fashion. Through the works of Finnish fashion designers and brands, the exhibition explores the intimate relationship between the body and the clothes, and how digitalization impacts it. The exhibition shows how designers challenge body norms as well as the how of digitalization on fashion changes the relationship.

Intimate Entanglements: Contemporary Finnish Fashion is an edited version of the exhibition Intimacy displayed at the Design Museum in Helsinki, Finland in 2021–2022. The exhibition is based on extensive research on the work of the most prominent Finnish fashion designers of the 2020s and beyond. It is accompanied by the book Intimacy. Embodied knowledge, creative work and digitalization in contemporary Finnish fashion.

The exhibition is curated by Professor Annamari Vänskä and Post-Doctoral Researcher Natalia Särmäkari from Aalto University. Intimate Entanglements is part of the research consortium Intimacy in Data-driven Culture (IDA), funded by the Strategic Research Council at the Research Council of Finland.

Intimate Entanglements: Contemporary Finnish Fashion
Opening hours tbc
Meguro Museum of Art, Citizens Gallery
2 Chome-4-36 Meguro, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0063
Free entry, welcome!

Information about the auxiliary programme coming soon!

Knitted outfit (2020) by designer Leevi Ikäheimo. Photo: Mika Kailes. Model: Paavo Kärki.