New project manager of the Finnish Institute in Japan Jenna Tavasti

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Photo: Jenna Tavasti


The Foundation of the Finnish Institute in Japan has chosen MA Jenna Tavasti as the new project manager of the Finnish Institute in Japan for the next three-year term starting from 1.1.2024. The project manager is responsible for planning and coordinating the implementation of the institute’s activities related to science and culture. The institute is based in Tokyo.


Tavasti has previously been employed by the Finnish Institute in Japan as the research assistant, and thus she has extensive experience in the planning and practical implementation of events related to the institute’s science and culture program.


The Finnish Institute in Japan is a scientific and cultural institute operating from Tokyo. Its purpose is to promote the knowledge of the Finnish culture, science, higher education, technology and economy and the collaboration in these fields between Finland and Japan. The Institute identifies and anticipates the development and cooperation needs between both countries in science, culture and education and helps potential partners to find each other.


Finland has a total of 16 cultural and scientific institutes in different parts of the world. The Finnish Japan Institute is the only one based in East Asia.


For more information contact the director of the Finnish Institute in Japan, PhD Anna-Maria Wiljanen, (, phone +81 80 4069 7846.