Science Tuesday

Science Tuesday - Science Tuesday
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The Finnish Institute in Japan is organizing monthly Science Tuesday lectures. The purpose of this series is to present Finnish researchers in Japan as well as Japanese researchers in Finland.

Upcoming lectures:

May 7th, 2024: Dr. Savu Rovanto (Hitotsubashi University)

June 4th, 2024: Dr. Jaakko Hyry (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Past lectures:

April 2nd, 2024: Dr. Hannes Raebiger (Yokohama National University)
“Modern Alchemy, or, Materials Design for 23rd Century Quantum Technologies”

March 5th, 2024: Dr. Miikka J. Lehtonen (Rikkyo University)
“How Nordic expatriates in Tokyo use humor and for what purposes: language as a social practice perspective”

September 5th, 2023: Dr. Kristiina Jokinen (AIST)
“Crossing Borders: Human-robot Interaction, Conversational AI, and Ethics”

February 28th, 2023: Dr. Timo Koivurova (University of Lapland, visiting professor at Kobe University)
“Russia’s war in Ukraine: what are the consequences to the co-operation in the Arctic Council?”