AI to assist the aging society – a challenge or a possibility?

Seminars - AI to Assist the Aging Society – A Challenge or a Possibility?
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Thank you all for joining the AI to Assist the Aging Society – A Challenge or A Possibility? -seminar organized by the Finnish Institute in Japan.
Thought-provoking presentations about the ethical issues on robotics, e-Vita project (EU-Japan Virtual Coach for smart aging ) and AI based preventive care, were held by the Japanese and Finnish experts.⁣


AI to Assist the Aging Society – A Challenge or A Possibility?

Hybrid seminar, 7th June 2022

In recent years, several research projects have focused on new models for AI-assisted living, and the improvement of care facilities and services. However, the use of AI, and especially the use of care robotics raise several ethical concerns. Does the increased use of AI create loneliness? How can new service models support the everyday life? What could AI-assisted living offer in terms of personal autonomy? How does the use of AI help the needs of the increasingly aging population both in Japan and Finland?

This seminar brings together Finnish and Japanese experts of different disciplines; AI, aging, healthcare, robotics and socio-gerontology.


13:30 Doors open

14:00 Opening words
           Anna-Maria Wiljanen, PhD. Director of the Finnish Institute in Japan

14:20 “Robots responding to care needs? – A multitasking care robot pursued for more than 25 years”
          Jaana Parviainen, PhD. Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tampere University

15:00 “AI technologies for well-being and trust in active healthy living”
          Kristiina Jokinen, PhD. Senior Researcher at AI Research Center, AIST. Tokyo Waterfront, Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki

15:40 “A Case Study of Development in AI-based “Preventive Care” System in Japan as Super-Aging Society – Past Efforts, Future Prospects and Challenges- “
          Daisuke Kitakoshi, PhD. Professor, Division of Computer Science, National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College

16:20 Coffee Break

16:30 “Smart Care and Ageing at Home in Finland”
          Marketta Niemelä, PhD. Senior Specialist (AgeTech), Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

17:10 “Introduction and Application of Technology in Nursing Care Services – Relationship between Humans and Technologies -“
          Hiroyasu Miwa, PhD. Senior Researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) 

17:50 Closing words

18:00 Networking reception (onsite participants)

Roppongi Academy Hills 
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 49F
106-6149 Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 6-10-1

Seminar room: Auditorium
Reception: Sky Studio