Trainee’s Diary Vol. 3

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Hi again!


In this third entry I’m going to talk about what has been going on recently.  Now as I’ve said all of the Institutes physical events have been moved to autumn, which is poised to be really, really busy. In the meanwhile, I’ve been working on planning some events of my own as well as doing various online related stuff.

Staying inside has been horribly boring but yeah. For now it’s probably best to do as asked. In some way it’s also nice to have an excuse to stay inside and play games days on end lol. This would have been a great time to get that new Animal Crossing but everyone else has been thinking along the same lines and the consoles are sold out everywhere! Nintendo could have made bank had they known.

If my tiny kitchen had an oven, I would definitely have picked up baking. Having my social media loaded with pictures of sourdough loaves and flower focaccias really makes me want to try those too. Been thinking about something easier to do in limited space like watercolours or calligraphy, I am going to have to visit a crafts store one of these days. I wonder if this is going to be one of those I’m gonna do this and I’m gonna do that stories.

About crafts stores, a thing that has surprised me here under the state of emergency has been that since the Japanese government lacks the power to impose any real sanctions for not complying, the companies are left to do as they please. This has result in that many absolutely non-essential shops such as hairdressers, fishing-goods stores or dance studios on the close-by shopping street have remained open throughout the state of emergency. It seems that whether to remain open or not has been left for the shop owners to decide.

In Tokyo they are lifting the state of emergency in two weeks. Looking forward to regaining some normalcy! Even if whatever comes will probably be different from before.