Seminarier och konferenser - Seminarier och konferenser
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Finlands institut i Japan kommer kontinuerligt att anordna vetenskapliga konferenser och seminarier. Enligt Finlands institut i Japans strategi för 2024 kommer teman att omfatta AI, välbefinnande, åldrande samhälle, kvinnors egenmakt och finsk arkitektur.

Några av våra tidigare seminariers information finns på sidorna nedan.

AI to Stretch the Borders
Aging and loneliness
Beyond Populism - Online lecture and discussion series
Mental Health Seminar
Women: Stop dreaming – start acting!
Empowering women to take charge of their lives!
Sustainable Materials Seminar
"Old age and Equality: Towards a fairer experience of aging" - Seminar day
Happy at Home. Happy at Work. Balancing family, work and leisure tim
Ageing, living and wellbeing in Japan and Finland
Women's empowerment seminar: Women, you CAN HAVE IT ALL! How to combine work and family life!
20th Anniversary Conference of the Finnish Institute in Japan – Tove Jansson: Visual Artist.Writer. Landscape Enthusiast. Woman.
The Peace Machine Concept by Timo Honkela